Website Tracking 101 Using Google Analytics

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Here is something most beginning website owners blow off completely…

And it is critical if you want to generate more sales and leads.

That is tracking your website visitors; what they do on your site, where they go on your site, etc.

After all, if you are generating local customers and making sales…

But don’t have any idea which page or post or link on your site those customers or sales came from…

How can you try and make more sales?

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Google Analytics… A FREE Website Visitor Tracking Goldmine

There are about a zillion different website tracking solutions available to you…

But most of them come with a hefty price tag.

Google Analytics is absolutely free.

But you need to learn how to use this free Google tool.

Luckily, you have access to a simple, easy to follow FREE video course that walks you thru the basics of Google Analytics…

With the “Google Analytics Training: Getting Started with Google Analytics” you can get started with Google Analytics and be able to get real, “actionable” insights from it.

You will learn how to start tracking conversion rates on your sites; and what data you need to analyze in order to improve them.

This Google Analytics video training course will help you master the basics and see what it takes to turbocharge your website performance.

Want more details? Here is what you will get…

  • Step by step instructions on how to get started and implement Google Analytics
  • Crystal clear advice on what to do before getting started with Google Analytics
  • Details on how to interpret data from Google Analytics
  • The most important reports in Google Analytics and why they really matter
  • Advice about how to translate raw data into actionable insights

With each lesson you get, you will be able to track your progress over time and master Google Analytics fast & easy

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Simply click on the link below, sign up for free, and start going thru this Google Analytics Training course today!

You’ll quickly master the basics of Google Analytics and start seeing what you can do to make improvements on your websites.

Google Analytics Training



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