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Here’s something people don’t realize when they set up their WP titles and descriptions on their individual pages and posts.

And it hurts them not only from an SEO standpoint…

But also does not give them the best opportunity to “get the click”.

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Your WP Titles & Descriptions- Take the Time & Optimize Them

You can really maximize your impact with targeted titles and descriptions on each and every WP post or page you create.

And remember… When you share your posts and pages on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, these services pick up a page title and description to go with the link you share.

So why not take a little time and optimize your titles and descriptions?

It is really pretty easy… And effective as well.

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How to Maximize Your WP Titles & Descriptions

First off, you need to insure that your chosen keyword is included in your page/post title…

Preferably at the very beginning.

For example… If your chosen keyword was “youtube video ads”, then create your title like this…

YouTube Video Ads- How To Generate More Visitors With YouTube Video Ads

Instead of…

How to Get More Visitors With YouTube Video Ads

Also, in our example above…

You’ll notice I got the keyword in the title not just once, but twice… try to do the same with your titles.

WP Descriptions… the Forgotten Component

Your WP description also needs to be optimized as well…

Since this is the snippet of code that is placed on Google’s page right below the headline…

In the picture below, the title of this search result is highlighted in yellow; and the meta description is highlighted in pink.

wp titles description

The description is where you can really outperform the competition, and get that all important click from the visitor.

Too many people don’t take the time with this…

They simply put something like the description below (that is also showing up on page one for the keyword search “centennial hair highlights”…)

“2154 E COMMONS AVE CENTENNIAL COLORADO 80122 303-331-6621 … Special occasion finish … your hair and body, looking and feeling salon fresh. MEN…”

Uh… Say what?

Now compare that with the description highlighted in pink in the image above.

You’ll notice that in the description in pink above, the keyword is bolded in the title, and “Centennial hair highlights” as well as “hair highlights” are also bolded in the description.

Once again, the keyword the visitor just typed in is smacking them in the face in both the title as well as the meta description; so this is a super targeted listing.

Now read the entire listing… If you were looking for hair highlights in Centennial, would you click on this listing?

I would; just to see exactly what the half price special was.

Look at the other, alternate description in italics above that is also showing on page one…

If you were looking for hair highlights in Centennial, and you saw these two search engine results…

Even if the second description in italics was listed higher on page one than our example in the image…

Which one would YOU click on.

Most people would choose our example listing in the image.

Optimize Your WP Description…And Get the Click

By taking a little time and crafting a great description that gets your special offer for the keyword you are targeting in your description…

You will not only start climbing the results page… but you’ll also get the click!

Which is really what counts.


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