Wanna Increase Your Website Traffic?

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Why bother? If you are not converting the traffic you are already getting to your website?

What do we mean? All the traffic in the world is not going to make a bit of difference if you are not converting your current traffic into sales or leads.

Too many people focus on driving hordes and hordes of traffic to your website. That’s all fine and grand; but if the traffic that is already visiting your website does not take the desired action, then what good is it?

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Conversion Optimization Works

You can have the perfect product… Positioned in front of the perfect market… That desperately wants what you have to offer.

However, over time, you consistently see that the people visiting your website are not doing what you want them to do; whether it’s buying your product or signing up to your e-mail list.

Too many webmasters then think that the niche they chose is not “hot”; or that their traffic is not targeted enough; or that their visitors are not hungry enough for their product.

So they abandon that site in that niche and go onto the next “latest and greatest” niche that they have read about.

When instead, all they had to do was test various aspects of their landing page or sales page to see if they could increase the conversions of the visitors they were already getting.

By testing simple things like their headline or the testimonials on their sales page, they could’ve easily doubled, maybe even tripled their website conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization- The Difference Between Making A Profit Or Not

And by simply increasing their website’s conversion rate, it could have been the difference in making that site a profitable site in a profitable niche.

After all, they already had visitors coming to their website; so obviously, people were looking for information in that niche. But because they didn’t work on even the most basic conversion optimization techniques, they never knew whether they had a winner or not.

Instead, they focused on driving more and more traffic at the site… Instead of trying to convert more of the traffic that they already had coming to their sales page.

Too many product sellers are guilty of this.

They throw up a webpage and hope it converts; instead of using scientific testing and tracking to find out what works to increase the conversions of the traffic they already have coming to their site.

If you are not even trying to increase the number of visitors to your site that you convert into leads and customers…

You need to start.


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