The Components of A Successful Local Marketing Video

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What makes a great local marketing video?

Here is an example we did for a local hair salon in Colorado trying to get more visitors for their summer hair coloring special.



Here’s how they used a successful video template that goes like this….

1) A simple problem stated right at the beginning…

Example… Hair coloring tips; how to make your hair color last.

2) State your expertise… In just one sentence

Example… The hair coloring specialists at Centennial salon have been coloring hair for the last five years

3) Two or three tips that showcase your expertise…

Example… Use a heat protecting product & a sulfate free shampoo

4) Introduce your offer/solution or special deal…

Example… Looking for a custom color for summer? Take advantage of our 10% summer discount

5) Call to action (subtle)

Example… Stop by the salon today for our 10% discount on custom hair color

6) Close with contact details

Example… Your Centennial hair coloring experts (with Google Map).

(Personally, I’d have added a phone number to the closing slide as well… But these girls added the phone number in their video title on YouTube so…)

But that’s it.

A Great Online Marketing Video That Works

This is a perfect example of a great local marketing video that works…

And you’ll notice they got all of that in there in 1 minute & 14 seconds.

Any video longer than 90 seconds and you’ll start losing your viewers’ interest.

Remember, it’s not Hollywood…

Just a simple marketing video that gives people some useful info… And promotes an offer that gets them stopping by the salon or picking up the phone.

That’s what works for local marketing videos.

Other Thoughts…

One video for one offer- Don’t try and shoehorn every single special deal or offer you have into one video.

Use one specific video for one specific offer.

The salon girls have a fall highlights discount offer as well; but they use a completely different video for it.

70 words is about 30 seconds…

So a 1 minute video would be about 140 words. Use that as a guideline when creating your script.

Don’t over think this.

Remember, your marketing video is like a snack…

Your local customers will check it out, maybe pick up a tip or two, and then give a call/email/stop by if they still need help.

No hard sell, no used car ad… You really don’t need to.

If people find your video useful, you’ll start picking up some local customers you wouldn’t have otherwise…

Looking to create your own custom videos?

Here is the best software we have found that is ridiculously easy to use…





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