Try This Copywriting Tip

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It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do online…

Whether you are trying to set up an online business…
Maybe you’re trying to create an Amazon affiliate review site…
Or maybe you are trying to generate leads or sales of your own products…

You need to master this main critical skill. What is it?

It is copywriting…

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Copywriting – Learn it Or Keep Your Day Job

Copywriting is the of crafting words into a logical sales message that sells your product or service..

Or gets your visitor to take your desired action (signing up for your email list or…?)

Learning how to write effective sales copy is probably the number one thing you can do; since it will be responsible for whether or not you can sell a single thing online.

Luckily, learning copywriting is not that hard… And once again, if you want to make it easier on yourself, why not use some templates and swipe files.

Copyrighting Templates & Swipe Files

What are copyrighting templates?

Nothing more than finding an effective sales letter that you like (one that maybe got you to buy a product online)… And using that as a template for your own sales letter.

One of the hardest things to master when writing copy is getting past the
“blank page”…

And when you have a template of a sales letter that you like and think is effective, you have your sales letter already laid out for you.

Using the format of your chosen template, you simple replace the headlines with your own, replace the text with your own, add in your own testimonials and/or images, replace the bullet points, etc…

Naturally, you will have to create your own sales copy… But the “format” of your sales letter is already laid out for you.

Copywriting Swipe Files

What are “swipe files”? Noting more than a collection of items that you like that you have copied and saved to your computer….

That you can access anytime you want.

For example, you saw a really effective email subject line from someone that made you immediately open that email…

Why not save that headline in your swipe file; and you can modify it for your own email lists.

Or you found a headline on a sale letter that really resonated with you. Copy and save that headline for your sales pages; after all, it can easily be modified for your own product or service.

Copywriting Can Be Intimidating

And nothing is worse that the dreaded “blank page”… Where you simple cannot get started on your sales letter.

But once you have a template, your sales letter is already formatted for you.

And by using some of the elements in your “swipe file”, you can easily modify that template to make an effective sales letter of you own.

Why not find a great sales letter template today?

And start building a swipe file for yourself?

You’ll see that even with just a headline swipe file, you’ll be able to start creating better emails, landing pages and sales pages fast & easy.


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