Test Your Call To Action Buttons

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One of the things we have been split testing recently is our CTA sales buttons.

CTA (or “Call To Action”) buttons are the buttons that you have on your sales pages that actually get your visitor to take the desired action…

In other words, click to buy your product (or service).

And by simply testing a different button background color of your button, or the text (even the color of your text) in your CTA button, you can see a dramatic effect on the amount of conversions for your individual CTA button.

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One of the Best Sales Buttons Ever

This sales button was created by Perry Belcher, and it is called the “Belcher button”.

You have probably seen this on sales pages for things you have considered purchasing yourself. Here’s what it looks like below.




Let’s dissect this sales page CTA button a little, and see why it works.

It has…

  • a call-to-action
  • price drop (very powerful)
  • add to cart button
  • add to cart text link
  • credit cards symbols…

And of course a dashed border to make sure it really stands out from the rest of the page content.

It doesn’t look very professional; and in my opinion, it is downright ugly

But Perry Belcher has been testing this button, and other buttons for a long time; and he came to the conclusion that this is his highest converting buy button ever.

While the button may be ugly, the statistics show that it does work very well; especially for long sales letters.

Perry Belcher found this button had 35% to 320% higher conversions than any other button that he tested…

And this was tested over 10,000s of buyers.



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