Some Hidden Pay Per Click Opportunities

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When looking for cheap advertising opportunities, most people focus on the Big 5…

The US, Canada, Australia New Zealand & the UK.

But most people don’t realize that there are a slew of countries that have a native population that is very proficient with English as a second language.

Of the roughly 1.5 billion people in the world who speak English, over 1 billion speak it as a second language.

That’s a heck of a lot more than native speakers.

English is typically a good sign of a country’s development and has a correlation with high quality of life and average income.

It’s also become a basic skill for the entire global workforce.


Using This Data for Cheap Overseas Traffic

People don’t realize that this presents a unique way to acquire a lot of traffic… That is highly targeted

For a fraction of the cost that you would pay for the same traffic in the Big 5 countries…

People in Sweden & Denmark are looking for ways to lose weight just like people in America…

Visitors in Hong Kong & Singapore are looking for a way to build muscle and workout just like visitors from Australia

BUT… Most people don’t target these visitors because of the mistaken idea that people in Hong Kong or Sweden don’t speak English.


Top  Non-Native English Speaking Countries

What are the top countries that have a high percentage of non-native English speakers?

Here’s the list below…

Go thru these countries… You’ll be surprised what you find…

Very High

  •     01 Sweden
  •     02 Netherlands
  •     03 Singapore
  •     04 Norway
  •     05 Denmark
  •     06 South Africa
  •     07 Luxembourg
  •     08 Finland
  •     09 Slovenia
  •     10 Germany
  •     11 Belgium
  •     12 Austria



  •     13 Poland
  •     14 Philippines
  •     15 Switzerland
  •     16 Romania
  •     17 Croatia
  •     18 Serbia
  •     19 Portugal
  •     20 Czech Republic
  •     21 Hungary
  •     22 Malaysia
  •     23 Greece
  •     24 Slovakia
  •     25 Bulgaria
  •     26 Lithuania
  •     27 Argentina


Do More Research

Use the link below and you’ll discover some more non native English speakers ranked by country…

You’ll probably see some new advertising opportunities open up to you…