Simple Copywriting Basics

Copywriting is perhaps the single most important skill anyone can learn in online marketing.

Get it right and everything else will follow – sales, sign-ups, etc.

Get it wrong, and nothing else matters.

Simply put, copywriting is the writing you use to promote your online business.

This can include your email advertising messages, product sales information on your website and articles that promote your product.

It’s also your headlines, your ads – any writing you use to promote your website or product is what’s known as copywriting.

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Copywriting is what you use to get your customers and potential customers to take a particular action like…

  • Click on an ad
  • Place an order for your products
  • Sign up for your mailing list
  • Click an affiliate link

Many online business owners make the mistake of thinking they can just get some traffic and they’ll be set.

Those of you who are getting traffic without results know the folly of this.

So you need to learn at least the basics of copywriting

Copywriting Basic #1 – Features Versus Benefits

Probably the biggest mistake people make in their copywriting is focusing on the features of their product… Instead of the benefits.

Here’s the difference and a simple example…


You probably already have some idea what this word means.

It basically describes what your product looks like, how it functions, etc. It is the basic information about your product.

Although features may be important to your potential customers, it’s the benefits that will make them want to buy your product.

Here’s an idea…

Write down all the features of your product. Include every single detail from color to size to function. You can’t write too much for this exercise so write it ALL down.


Benefits are the advantages your customer receives from using your product.

In most cases, benefits will sell your products better than a feature does.

Although successful copy combines both, the best copy for most products focuses on the benefits.


You sell a ballpoint pen.

The features are black ink, a felt tip, and it comes with a lid.
The benefits are that it reduces hand cramping and eliminates smudges.

If you focus on the description of the features of the pen, it sounds like any other pen…

But when you list the benefits, it makes the pen sound more interesting and desirable.

Benefits solve problems and they help sell your product.

People have a problem and they want to solve it by buying your product.

Show them the benefits of your product instead of focusing on the features; and you’ll notice an instant increase in conversions and sales….

Discover the Secrets of Effective Copywriting

You’re not going learn effective copywriting overnight…

But you can work on your copywriting skills every single day.

If you want to discover the secrets to effective copywriting, then we have a great resource for you.

Click on the link below and you’ll discover the psychology of selling…

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