Why Your Sales & Landing Pages Don’t Convert

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Most websites do a dismal job of converting visitors into leads and customers.

And here are the biggest reasons why…

Your Page Copy Is Dismal

Most people try and set up a sales or landing page

And they do not pay attention to even the basics of copywriting.

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They put up a page with what they hope is convincing copy; but they never actually take the time to learn some simple sales persuasion methods that would make their sales or landing page better.

Learning the basics of copywriting is not that hard… Nor is it difficult.

But too many people don’t know where to go to get some info on copywriting basics…

Or how to implement basic sales persuasion techniques on their sales, landing or opt in pages.

Why not take the time and learn some basic sales persuasion techniques that you can apply to any of your sales or landing pages?

Here’s a simple way to do that

Simple Sales Copy & Persuasion

Not Testing Your Sales & Landing Pages

One of the other reasons that sales and landing pages do not convert is because people simply don’t test anything on them.

Once their page is complete, they set it up, and hope it converts.

They never test any single element on their pages to see if they might not be able to increase their conversions.

Very few people do simple split tests with even a headline…

Just to see if one simple headline tweak would convert more visitors into customers.

Since the headline alone determines whether or not the sales letter or landing page ever gets read…

You may want to think about testing at least one other headline to see if you can increase your conversions.

Giving Up Too Soon

This is one other area that many people fail in; we had this problem ourselves when we first started.

It is simply giving up on a page too quickly before you have enough data to make a decision.

For example, you set up a new opt in page, and are able to drive 55 new visitors to it.

None of them sign up, so you think the page sucks, pull it down, and go off on another tangent.

The problem is that you simply didn’t get enough traffic to your page to decide if it works or not.

55 visitors is simply not enough to determine if your opt in page works or not.

We never make a decision on whether a page works or not unless we have had 200-400 visitors to it; since statistically it will take that much data make an intelligent decision.

When first starting out a new campaign, think about testing different landing page designs as well…

  • Test your sign up form on the right versus on the left.
  • Test an image header versus just a headline
  • Test some bullet points on your opt in page versus just a headline

Setting up some separate pages for your testing is not that hard.

Especially if you can fire your page designer…

And set up your own split testing pages in about 3-5 minutes using a simple “drag & drop” interface.

Here’s a tool we have tested that does just that…

Build Landing Pages Lightning Fast


Start Converting More Visitors Today

You can continue doing what you’re currently doing…

And keep wondering why you are not getting any sales or customers.

Or you can invest in some of the resources above to start learning how you can turn more visitors into leads and customers.

After all, by learning some of the basics of copywriting, split testing some simple landing pages, and conversion optimization…

You’ll be able to start converting more visitors into customers and making more sales.


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