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You KNOW you need a sales funnel to maximize your online revenue, right?
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High Converting Sales Funnels In About 15 Minutes

I have been working online since 2007… And in the beginning I was just like you.

I would set up a sales page for a single product… For $7 or $9.97 or $17… And start driving targeted traffic to my sales pages.

I would get a sale here and there… Because the products were good, and solved a problem.

But I never really made any serious money online until the light bulb went off.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I started setting up simple sales funnels with 2 or 3 similar products that I thought my customers might like.

And it was only then that I started actually seeing real results and real income… From the very same amount of traffic I had been driving to my website before.

It’s very simple….If you offer your visitors an option for more related products along with your front end offer…

And those products build upon or complement your front end offer…

Then more often than not, your visitors will buy those related offers along with your front end product.

Without a sales funnel of related, complementary products…

Your customers couldn’t give you any more money…  Even if they wanted to!!

OK, So… How Exactly Do You Set Up A Sales Funnel?

When I first started setting up sales funnels in 2010, it would take me forever…

And quite often, I would simply give up in frustration.

It wasn’t until I started setting up my sales funnels in reverse that everything clicked…

And after a little trial and error (and some exhaustive note taking), I was able to get my sale funnel creation process down to a simple, 15 minute process…

One that I (or anyone; yes even YOU) can use to knock out high converting sales funnels…

For ANY product or service you offer…


Introducing the Reverse Sales Funnels Video Series

I figured that since I was having a hard time creating sales funnels, a lot of other people probably were as well.

So I put together this high quality video course that walks you thru exactly how to set up your own sales funnels…

By working back to front.

You’ll be amazed by how simple it is to set up your sales funnels when you start at the back and work towards the front.

You’ll never again get stuck on how to set up your sales funnel.

You eliminate the guesswork on stuff like…

  • What should be your freebie to get people to opt into your list?
  • What should your front end offer be?
  • How about your one time offer?
  • What about a second one time offer after that one?
  • How about your high end ticket / mastermind / coaching offer, etc?

Not only will I share with you the entire Reverse Sales Funnel technique…

But I’ll walk through real life and practical examples that you can follow and apply to your own business and products.

So by the end of this video course, you’ll have a complete sales funnel filled with the right products… And ready to start taking orders.

Inside the Reverse Sales Funnels Video Course

This simple high quality video course walks you thru exactly how to set up sales funnels that convert in 15 minutes or less.

Inside you’ll discover…

Video #1:  Introduction to the Reverse Sales Funnel Method

Up until this point you may not have heard of the reverse funnel method. So in this particular video we are going to give you a quick overview of exactly what will be discussed in this video course. Plus, we’ll talk about how it all works so that you can create your own game plan for implementation.

Video #2: The Ladder

Before we can jump into understanding how to implement this method, you need to understand what causes writers block or, in this case, a big roadblock that prevents you from creating your products and services in the form of front end offers and one time offers.

Video #3: The Biggest Mistake

Once you understand how to prevent writers block and potential future roadblocks, it’s time for you to learn about the biggest mistake that most people tend to make when it comes to building your sales funnel from front to back.

Video #4: Your High Ticket Offer

In this particular video we will be covering your highest priced offer first. We will discuss how you can go about creating lists, what it entails, and why you should start with this offer first rather than starting from the front.

Video #5: Your One Time Offer

Next, we will move to the one time offer and show you exactly how to make everything congruent so that you have the highest converting funnel ever. Now, there is a specific way of doing this, so we will show you step-by-step how to go from basic understanding to full implementation in this video.

Video #6: Your Front End

Next we will cover the front end offer. This is going to be what people see as of the first page that sells your first product. Oftentimes when businesses start at this point and move forward through their sales funnel, they get extremely confused. We don’t want that to happen to you, so we will make sure that you understand exactly how to create a high converting funnel as well as an effective one.

Video #7: Your Lead Magnet

Now comes the freebie that you can offer to people in exchange for their email address. This is for people that have not purchased your product just yet. But this part is crucial because it’s the very front end of your sales funnel. Do this wrong and you can ruin the rest of the funnel. Do this right and you can set the tone for your sales funnel and a positive, high conversion rate.

Video #8: Practical Application: 5 Minute Examples

By this point you will understand exactly how to implement the reverse sales funnel method. In no time will you be able to create your funnels quickly and easily; in fact, you’ll be able to do it within fifteen minutes or less.  But to put this into perspective and to ensure that you are fully confident, we will cover five-minute examples to show you exactly how easy this is.

Video #9: Recommended Platforms to Connect To

By this point you will have learned how to implement and activate your game plan. However, you will still need to have a platform that allows you to sell your products and services. We will cover this in the recommended platforms video to help you apply this right away. We’ll also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each platform so you can make an informed decision on which platform to use…

Finally… A Simple Solution to Knocking Out Profitable Sales Funnels In No Time Flat

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