Native Ads On Bing?

Native ads have been proven to be effective…

In some cases, outperforming search ads by a significant margin.

We have been using Bing Ads for years, and we just discovered that we can now use the native ad format on Bing ads as well.

Most people don’t realize that search ads on Bing are now automatically eligible to be transformed into Bing Native Ads.

And we have just started testing this new format to see what we can come up with…


More Info On Bing Native Ads

Here is what we found on the Bing ads site related to native ad formats…

What are native ads?

A native ad is an ad whose subject matter and visual design are relevant to the page it is displayed on. More and more advertisers are turning to native ads for their proven ability to assist in brand building and to drive purchase intent.

Where will my native ads appear?

Bing Native Ads appear on select MSN web pages. All clicks on your native ads will take the user to the landing page you specified when you created your ads.

Who will see my native ads?

Bing Native Ads are unique because they’re targeted to each MSN visitor based on Bing’s understanding of his or her interests.

Bing compares the visitor’s search and browsing history to the website’s content, previous site visits, and other factors to determine which native ads to serve.

In addition, Bing Native Ads conform to your search ads’ existing targeting and negative-keyword settings.

Setting Up Bing Native Ads

How do I create and optimize my native ads?

Create a new ad with native ad format preferred expando image.

To create a new native ad:

From the Ads tab, click Create ad.

Select Expanded text ad as the Ad type.

As you set the ad’s title, text, and URLs, keep in mind that this will be a native ad, not a search ad. Native ads usually work best with informative text rather than calls to action.

Select the “Prefer native ad format” checkbox.

Click Save.

Adjust bids to set your level of participation in native ads expando image

Choose your level of participation in Bing Native Ads using campaign or ad group bid adjustment.

From the Campaigns or Ad Groups tab, click on the name of the campaign or ad group you want to adjust.

Click Settings.

Under Advanced settings, click Native ads.

Adjust the bid:

Select “Increase by” if you want to invest more heavily in native ads for this campaign or ad group. You can adjust the bid up to 900% for maximum participation.

Select “Decrease by” if you want to invest less in native ads.

To opt out of native ads completely, decrease your bid by 100%.

For more information on bid adjustments, see How to target my customers by adjusting my bids.

Add Image Extensions expando image

Images play a key role in getting people’s attention and driving clicks.

You can define the imagery to use in your native ads by associating Image Extensions to your campaign or ad group.

To set up Image Extensions:

From the Campaigns page, click Ad Extensions.

Select Image Extensions and the campaign or ad group.

Click Create ad extension.

Select an existing image from your saved Image Extension library or upload a new image.

The requirements for adding an image to an extension are:

Accepted file types for images: JPEG, PNG, and GIF (without animation)

Minimum image dimensions: 760 x 400 pixels

Maximum image dimensions: 1900 x 1000 pixels

Recommended image dimensions: 1200 x 628 pixels

Bing recommends that you upload the largest possible image.

When you upload the image, it’ll automatically be cropped to the four preset aspect ratios for your use. The four aspect ratios and dimensions are:

Aspect ratio / Min. dimensions (pixels)  / Max. dimensions (pixels)

1.2 : 1    300 x 250             1200 x 1000

4 : 3       100 x 75               1333 x 1000

1.5 : 1    300 x 200             1500 x 1000

16 : 9     640 x 360             1778 x 1000

If you don’t like how the smaller images are automatically cropped, you can re-crop them or replace them with other images that are the same size.

For more information on working with Image Extensions, see Add visual elements to your ad with Image Extensions

Set up Universal Event Tracking expando image

You can improve Bing Ads’ understanding of website visitors’ interests by having Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags on your website and setting up remarketing lists.

This will allow you to target your native ads to people who have visited or interacted with your website before.

For more information on UET tags and remarketing lists, see What is remarketing?.

Track native ad performance using Reports expando image

You can view performance data for native ads in two places:

You’ll see a Native ads summary row in the table on the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords tabs.

When you run a report, include the Ad distribution column. The possible values under ad distribution are Search, Content, and Native. For more information on reports, see Create a report.

Native ad performance (CTR and Quality Score) won’t impact the CTR and Quality Score of your search ads.

Bing Ads Native Ads

As we stated, we have just begun using this new Bing Ads native format, so the jury is still out on them.

However, we are already seeing some promising results for list building…

As well as re-targeting.

Why not try this new ad format out for yourself? We’re willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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