You Might Want to Rethink Your Retargeting Strategies

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There has been a lot of buzz recently about retargeting; and how and why you should use it for your website.

But you need to think about your retargeting strategy before you deploy it.

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Retargeting- Big Websites Big Mistakes

Think about your experiences when surfing online.

For example, you look at a pair of running shoes on Amazon to compare some features.

You then continue your search, and see retargeting ads for that same pair of running shoes.


It is always the same banner ad… Directing you to the same landing page you’ve already been to.

Granted, it keeps these running shoes in your mind… But it is not really effective for sales.

How about something like this?

Instead of the same banner going to the same lander… why not have a banner with text that reads something like…

“Find out what other people think of these running shoes…”

And then take the visitor to a new landing page with some customer reviews of those running shoes on it.

Along with a strong call to action to check them out again.

You will definitely make some more sales than you would sending your visitors back to the same landing page they have already been to…

Retargeting Your Visitors- Segment Them First

Yes, retargeting is important and you should definitely employ it.

But let’s make sure you’re not making one of the more common mistakes – not segmenting your audience.

Before opting to retarget, there are a couple of ways you can segment your audience. Either by intent (not interested, interested, bought), or by time of arrival to the site.

Intent can be uncovered if a user visited a particular site, or did a particular action. For example, that can be watching a pricing video, or going all the way to the checkout page before calling it quits.

By time of arrival we mean that you should be prioritizing retargeting to those groups that were on site today – rather than yesterday.

At the same time, that should also mean that you will block the traffic you don’t want – including those that have shown no intent to purchase, or those that came a long, long time ago (relatively speaking).

Retargeting Works… If You Do It Correctly

Retargeting is an art form; not really a science.

Think about your own experiences online… And how you would improve another advertiser’s campaign.

And then try it on one of your own retargeting campaigns.

You’ll quickly discover that retargeting works for more leads and sales…

At a much cheaper cost as well.

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