Keyword Mistakes Most People Make

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 photoKeyword research mistakes… Everyone makes them.

After all, keyword research is a task that is never fun… But you need to do effective keyword research if you ever want to rank your site for those search phrases that your local customers are typing into Google when trying to find your business.

Finding the right keywords for your website does not have to be that much work…

But quite often people make it harder than it needs to be.

Here’s an easier way…

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Keyword Research Mistake #1

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You have been told to go to the Google Keyword Tool (now known as the Google Keyword Planner) and type in your seed key like “Denver chiropractors”.

And then you are supposed to choose all of the keywords that get more than 500 or 700 (or however many hundred) searches each month.

And you then use this list to design pages or content on your website.

Well, unfortunately, that is what every other chiropractor in Denver is doing as well.

While every single chiropractor is ignoring keywords that local visitors are typing into Google every single day that the Google keyword tool doesn’t show you.

Keyword Research Mistake #2

Not thinking like your customer. How exactly does your customer search in Google? In fact, how do YOU search in Google.

I don’t know about you, but if I am looking for a chiropractor in Denver, I would use keywords like “best Denver chiropractor” or “Denver chiropractor new patient discount” or “affordable chiropractor Denver”.

Or if I had some intense back pain, I would enter “emergency chiropractor Denver” or “24 hour Denver chiropractor”.

And these are keywords you are not going to find in any keyword tool.

Think about your customer… If they have a toothache, they’re not going to call an ambulance.

But if the pain is severe enough, they are going to type “emergency dentist Denver”.

Because they are in enough pain that their situation is an emergency to them!!

Keyword Research Mistake #3

Use your common sense. Why not just take a minute, sit down, and not use any other keyword tool except your melon?

And think about what you would type into Google if you were looking for your own business.

And think about those keyword modifiers that people use every day when searching in Google.

After all, people doing a search for local businesses are comparison shopping around before they head out the door.

So they are going to be using modifiers like

best price
low cost
buy one get one

And since every one of your competitors is making the mistakes above, I’d be willing to bet that not one of them has any content on their site using these modifiers like “low cost chiropractor Denver”.

And if your special offer or discount is good enough, you’ll have people driving from the other side of town to take advantage of your “special” or “discount” or “coupon”

Even though your competitor is right around the corner from them.

Keyword Research Mistakes- Think Just A Little

Remember, not everything can be looked up online… Sometimes you just have to step back and use a little common sense and think about how your customers search online for your business.

If you do, you’ll uncover some real gems when it comes to keywords that have little to no competition.

And if you position your business website in front of these local customers with your special deal targeting these “buyer” keywords…

You can pick up some more customers that you would not have had before.

Just because you thought outside the box.



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