InstaBuilder Review

InstaBuilder 2.0

InstaBuilder is the software that we use for all of our pay per click campaigns; and we could not recommend a product any more than we do this.

If you are looking for a simple to use software program that enables you to create stunning landing pages, sales pages and opt in pages fast & easy, then you really need to give this a look.

InstaBuilder 2.0 Review- What Exactly Is It?

What is Instabuilder? It is a WordPress plugin that anyone can learn to use fast & easy that allows you to create professional landing pages and squeeze (opt in) pages in just minutes.

While it is designed to work with WordPress, you also have the ability to create stand alone html pages with this plugin as well (if you prefer).

While we primarily use it to create landing pages for our pay per click campaigns, it is also perfect for sales page creation as well.

What else can you do with InstaBuilder 2.0? You can…

  • Create sales/landing/opt in pages in minutes
  • Choose from 100+ optimized landing and opt in templates
  • Add delayed content
  • Use a simple built in scarcity element (which converts like crazy on opt in pages)
  • Have full autoresponder integration with any autoresponder
  • Have full control with drag & drop graphics and font control
  • Add viral content locking (where people have to share your pages to get the info they want)

And a bunch of other nice features that you can test on your own landing or sales pages to try and increase your conversions.

What We Liked About InstaBuilder 2.0

There is a lot that we liked about InstaBuilder. Which is why we use it ourselves for all of our PPC campaigns.

We’ve talked a little bit in the video about creating split test landing pages.

What’s nice about InstaBuilder is that you can clone your pages fast & easy; and then edit whatever individual part of your page that you want to split test…

  • Wanna test a new headline?
  • How about a landing page with a video and one without?
  • Maybe you want to test a different color call to action button on your opt in page?

With InstaBuilder, it doesn’t get any easier.

InstaBuilder 2.0- Your Shortcut to Firing Your Webmaster

And since InstaBuilder works in WordPress (as well as regular stand alone pages), you’ll quickly discover that you can create stunning landing pages, sales pages and opt in pages.

And fire the guy that wants to charge you $50 or $100 to create a new webpage for you.

It uses “drag & drop” simplicity… So you can literally layout your new page fast and easy.

And with over 100+ templates included, it is simple to get your new landing pages and squeeze pages set up quick.

It is brain dead simple to learn and to use, and while it is not the least expensive software you will ever purchase…

It certainly is a great value for the “one time” cost that you pay.

Plus, you will definitely get your money’s worth as you’ll quickly discover that you will be using it over and over again.

InstaBuilder 2.0 Review- Three Thumbs Up

There is a lot of useless garbage available online that is a waste of time & money.

InstaBuilder is one of those products that actually provides value for your money.

  • If you are thinking about building a real online business…
  • If you are NOT split testing anything on your sites because of the complexity of setting up new pages to test
  • If you want to take control of your site instead of having to pay someone every time you want some simple changes made to your site(s)

Then you need to at least give InstaBuilder a look.

Click on the button below and check it out for yourself…





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