How To Set Up A Professional Website

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Most people don’t realize how easy it really is to set a high quality professional website from scratch…

So they never take the time to learn how.

Which is a mistake.

A Professional Website Set Up For About $2

A friend of mine asked me how he could learn to set up a website for his business.

He wanted to get into affiliate marketing, but didn’t have the first idea of what to do.

So I put together a simple series for him that walked him thru exactly how to…

  • Find a domain name for $1 (and even cheaper)
  • How to get dirt cheap hosting for $1 that had all the bells & whistles that he would ever need…
  • And how to create a professional website using WordPress…

All in about 2 hours and for about $2

Wanna Learn How to Set Up A Website Yourself?

We’ll give you the exact same resources we gave him…

Since it is already created… And a lot of people have asked us how we do it.

You can take advantage of these step by step tutorials for yourself.

Just click on the next button below and get started right now.

You’ll be surprised how easy this really is…

If someone walks you thru it step by step.

Getting A Domain Name Dirt Cheap

Getting a domain name is pretty simple; but too many people are overpaying for their domain names.

With a little research, you can find a domain name for your new website dirt cheap.

Head over to your friend Google, and type in “namecheap”… (namecheap is one of the better domain name guys)

Look for a website with a “.xyz” extension (no… domain name extensions do NOT matter… it does NOT have to be a .com extension).

Here is what I found using abc3321 as a test…





As you can see, you can get your first domain name from Namecheap for a whopping $1.

Spend a little time thinking about your domain name… And how you want to use it.

So think about that as you are searching for domain names.

You can use your business name as the main domain…

Or you can use something like your main business topic…

For example, if you are a hair stylist in Centennial CO, you might choose something like…

Compeltely up to you.

All Good Domains Are Taken…

Not true. Take your time and keep checking…

And as you do your domain name research, you’ll come up with some other ideas as well.

Also, add a “-” (hyphen) and see if your chosen domain name is available.

So “” may be taken… But “” may be available; and no, hyphens will not affect any SEO or Google love to your sites.

Also, look at alternatives to “.com”.

We use “.net” sites quite a bit… And “.us” works really well if you are a US resident (plus they are really cheap).

Again, the extension does not harm you in any way from SEO or Google’s view… At least from our experience.

The only extension we have ever had a problem with is a “.info” domain.

So we would recommend staying away from those.

You Gotta Have A Domain Name

So, go to Namecheap, and get inside and find your domain name.

You gotta have one before you go any further.

And you can find a great one for around $1…

Once you have your domain name, we move onto the next step…

Dirt Cheap Hosting

Once you have a domain name, you have to have some hosting…

Or a place to get your website live.

Here’s a simple solution for dirt cheap hosting with all the bells & whistles you would need for your new site.

All hosting companies work pretty much the same.

They all offer one click WordPress install, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited space.

So why not get your hosting as cheap as possible when first starting out?

Go to your friend Google and search for “cheap hosting” or “dollar hosting” companies.

Most of these cheap hosting companies limit the amount of websites or domains you can have in their basic $1 account…

But who cares.

Remember our previous post?

Where you can set up multiple sites using just one domain?

You can do that with these cheap hosting companies.

Good Enough to Get Started

As you are just starting out and trying to learn the whole domain name to hosting to live website thing…

Any $1 hosting company will work just fine.

And you can always upgrade to a bigger or better hosting company later if you choose to.

Bottom line… You have to host your new website somewhere.

So why not keep your expenses as low as possible when you are just starting out?

One of the better $1 hosting companies we have used in the past is called “HoboHost

And they worked fine.

However, once we started building out sites, they limited the number of new domain names we could add in our $1 account to just 10.

So we had to switch to a different hosting company that allowed us unlimited domains for like $6 a month.

But as you are just starting out, and want to keep your expenses low, HoboHost is perfect and have everything you need to figure out this whole website thing.

So give them a look for yourself.


PS- No affiliate link or anything; just a hosting company that we know works for beginners since we have used them.

Dirt Cheap Hosting- One Other Idea

When our business started to grow, we needed to upgrade our hosting.

We wanted a hosting company that had…

  • -Unlimited domains
  • -Unlimited bandwidth
  • -Unlimited disc space

We looked around and found Hostwinds that offered all of this for less than $7/mo


As you start growing, it may be an option for you down the line…

But to get started, why not begin with a $1 hosting company?

Give HoboHost a try, or find any other cheap hosting company using Google.

Bottom line… You gotta have hosting to set up your new professional website; so try and keep your expenses low.

Once you have your hosting, you can go onto the next step…

Which is actually setting up your new site

Create Your Website With WordPress

Once you have your domain name and hosting set up, you need to start creating your website.

The easiest way to do this is by using WordPress.

And even better, you can learn exactly how to master WordPress in about two hours…

Absolutely FREE.

Mastering WordPress

There are a lot of paid courses out there that promise to teach you WordPress…

But they are pretty pricey.

And creating a WP how to video series would be a whole new & different website in itself.

So why not use the very same guys that we used to learn how to master WP?

We used what we consider to be the best WP video course online today; and best of all…

It is absolutely free.

You’ll discover the tricks to…

  1.     Setting up your Website Domain Name & Hosting
  2.     Installing the necessary programs to get started
  3.     Setting up everything to start customizing your website
  4.     Showcasing all the different options & templates to use
  5.     Making everything step by step from start to finish
  6.     Leaving you with the knowledge to create & customize your very own site

AND much much more!

Once you start using WordPress, you’ll quickly discover that it is hands down the easiest way to build and run a website.

And with the sheer number of themes available to you, you can get a perfectly laid out, custom look that is not only easy for your visitors to use…

But professional looking as well.

You need to learn how to build a professional website…

And WP is the easiest way to do so.

So check out this free WP video course for yourself below.

And you’ll literally be able to get your new website up and running in about 2 hours… probably less

Free WP Video Instruction