How To Resources

A lot of people are looking for some simple ways to get started online…

As well as some custom tools to make their new online businesses work even better.

So, we put together the best resources we have discovered to date that help with exactly that…

Check them out for yourself below…


Two Simple Ways ANYONE Can Use to Make $15-$20 Per Hour Working From Home

Most people are looking for a simple and easy way to make their first dollar online.

We know… because we were in your shoes once too.

So we put together this FREE report for anyone that wants it…

That details exactly how anyone… regardless of their online experience…

Can start working from home TODAY

And make from $15-$20 per hour as often (or as little) as you’d like.

These are techniques we still use to this day… And you can use them yourself right now.

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wordpress landing pagesCreating A Professional Website

If you are looking for the easiest way to set up a custom (and beautiful) website, we cannot recommend WP enough.

It’s brain dead easy to use, and with the sheer amount of custom themes available to you, anyone can make a beautiful, fully functioning website fast & easy.

Plus with some free & custom plugins, you can really make your website sing & dance… And get it dialed in exactly how you’d like it.

If you’ve never set up a website before, then WP is the easiest option anyone can use use.

If you ever wanted to learn how to set up a beautiful, professional website step by step, we’ll show you how…

Absolutely FREE. To get started, just click here


keyword researchSales & Opt In Page Creator That Converts At A Whopping 62.5%

If you are looking for the easiest way to create stunning sales pages, landing pages, and opt in pages, we cannot recommend this software enough.

This simple to learn and use WP plugin makes creating any pages of your website fast & easy… And they are simply beautiful.

And… They have been proven to convert at 62.5% (check out the video here).

It is a one time cost, and dirt cheap at that (unlike other tools that cost you a monthly subscription forever)…

And it is hands down the easiest page creator available online that we’ve found (and we have tried all the big dogs like Unbounce/LeadPages etc)…

And after you work with it for a while, you’ll discover that not only is it easy to use… But it is actually pretty fun to use as well.

Just click here and you’ll see how cool this tool really is. ….


online video marketingEasy Video Software

If you’re not using video, you might as well give your traffic away to your competitors.

We use the simplest video creation software on the planet which makes it about as easy as it gets to create spectacular videos in just minutes.

This easy to use software has about the lowest learning curve of any video software we have tested…

Literally, you can create your very first video in about five minutes after going thru the included video tutorials.

And since this software produces high quality custom videos… Your videos not only come out looking great; but are very effective as well.

If you are looking for video software that is simple to use to create stunning (and highly effective) sales, promo or marketing videos, then it doesn’t get any easier.

You need to give this a look since over 65% of ALL online traffic will be video driven by the end of 2018… just click here


keyword research mistakesMake Money GIVING People FREE Information

Here’s one other idea you should really give a look.

It is a FREE Masterclass that details an interesting way to start getting paid online by simply giving people FREE information.

This guy has been making $11,248 PER DAY giving away free information since 2007…

And he’ll show you how to clone everything in just 4 steps.

Best of all, you can make this work in ANY market, WITHOUT any prior skills or experience…

And you can get started fast & easy.

Click here & give this FREE masterclass a quick look for yourself.