How to Advertise on Top Sites for 20X Less

Great article we came across recently on display advertising.

As the cost of online advertising continues to rise, you need to be on the lookout for cost effective opportunities.

Sites that allow you to place advertising directly on them generally display their default rate card and method of charging online.

Most of the top websites that offer banner sales direct (and there are a lot of them) charge on a cost per thousand impressions basis – and they’re not cheap.

But what if you could advertise on these very same sites? For about 20 times less?

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Display Advertising for 20 Times Less

The opportunity to advertise on top websites for up to 20x less than going direct comes from the excess ad inventory (also known as distressed inventory) that all of these sites have.

Essentially these websites will show all their direct ad placements as the highest priority…

But if they don’t get enough of these placements to account for every visitor they get on a daily, weekly and monthly basis…

They have excess or wasted ad inventory.

Their solution?

Utilizing advertising networks to show ads so they still make some money with this wasted ad space.

By placing their vacant ad spots on these networks, each site essentially opens itself up for the highest bid from advertisers…

With the ad network themselves deciding which ad to show based on a real time auction.

The most commonly used ad network that these publishers use is the Google Display Network which you can get access to via Google Adwords… or if you’re a big advertiser via Doubleclick.

And by using Adwords Display, you can very often advertise on the exact sites you want…

For a fraction of the cost.

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