Google Versus Bing & Yahoo

Google is the king of search.

In fact you probably recognize this because people just don’t search online… they actually “google” something online.

Which is why a lot of people just focus on Google when they are optimizing for search engines or even using pay per click for search.

However, this is a mistake to focus only on Google.

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Bing Is Gaining Ground

Most people don’t realize that Bing has been slowly growing in popularity, and even outpacing Yahoo as the second most popular search engine.

In the US in 2016, Google accounted for 64% of search traffic, while Bing had 20.4% and Yahoo had 12.7%.

So why do so many people ignore Bing and Yahoo… when they account for 33% of the market?

33% of the market is nothing to sneeze at; in fact, that is one of every three Internet users searching for information on Bing and Yahoo.

You may want to take that into mind when you’re creating your content and optimizing for search engines.

Bing Demographics

Bing is still very effective for cheap targeted pay per click marketing. Particularly if you’re targeting the older demographic, with which Bing has become increasingly popular.

Another reason to optimize for Bing, is that Yahoo generates its results based on Google and Bing combined, so optimizing for both Google and Bing means you’re likely optimized for Yahoo as well.

Finally, Bing is the default search engine for anyone that uses Firefox… and most people do not change the default search engine inside of their favorite browser.

Other Bing Ideas

Unlike Google, Bing favors older, more established websites.

Bing also breaks down search queries by keywords, rather than context.

Another key factor for Bing is user engagement. They determine user engagement levels by how quickly a user clicks on a search results and back to the search results page.

To combat this, ensure your website loads quickly and is optimized for every device. While Google displays more popular results first, Bing favors local results.

Start Using Bing As Well

A lot of people will open off and completely focused on Google alone.

This is a mistake, as there is really good targeted traffic available to you on Bing & Yahoo. Think about that issue create your content for your website.


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