Google My Business Posts- How To Optimize Your Post

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A lot of small businesses are using their Google My Business profile to get more local leads and customers.

After all, Google is focusing on local searches…

So your business needs to take advantage of this…

Using Google Posts for Your Business

If you are not using Google Posts inside of your GMB Dashboard, you need to start.

If you are, you may not be using Google Posts the correct way to maximize your results for local search.

Here is a great video that shows you a simple way to optimize every Google Post you make for maximum effect.

It takes a little effort…

But you can still create a fully optimized Google Post for your business in under 5 minutes.

Give it a look right now…



Google Posts Work

And they work even better if you take a little time to optimize your Google Post.

Use the tips in this video on your next Google Posts and check your results.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at your results….


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