How Any Local Business Can Turn Almost 3 Times MORE Website Visitors Into Customers

By Harnessing the Power of Your 5 Star Google Reviews...


By Simply Live Streaming the Google Reviews You Are ALREADY Getting Directly Onto Your Website...

You Can Turn Website Visitors Into CUSTOMERS

Your Google My Business profile combined with your killer 5 star Google reviews can start making your phone ring.

Especially if your website visitors can actually see your Google Reviews right on your website!

  • 97% of people read reviews of local businesses.
  • 78% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or a family member.
  • A study shows that online reviews influence 67.7% of purchasing decisions.
  • 92% of customers are more likely to buy after reading a trusted review.

So... if reviews are that important... Why not start live streaming your Google Reviews right on your website...

Where your customer can actually see them just as they are about to decide on which company they want to do business with.


It's Pure Math & Numbers

We're not here to hard sell you on anything... After all, math doesn't lie.

If you are getting 100 visitors a day to your website...
And converting 2 of them into customers...


But what if you could convert 4 of them into customers... Even 6... Or 10?

Simply by live streaming your Google Reviews directly on your website.

What would your bottom line look like then?


What's The Average Value Per Customer For Your Business?

What If You Could Convert Just ONE Website Visitor
Into A New CUSTOMER Every Month

Every business is different...

But you know the average lifetime customer value for your business.

If live streaming your 5 star Google Reviews on your website can turn just one new website visitor...

Into one new customer...Just once a month...

How much new extra revenue would that be?

$200... $400... $1200?

What if you turn 2 website visitors into new customers? Or 4? Or 20?


Harness the Power of Your Google Reviews to Start Turning Website Visitors Into Customers

If online reviews influence 67.7% of purchasing decisions...

And 92% of customers are more likely to buy after reading a Google review...

Then you need to be live streaming your hard earned 5 star Google Reviews right on your website.

And your reviews...

  • -Are seen by 100% of your visitors
    -Are 100% Google verified
    -Are 100% mobile friendly
    -Are auto updated daily
    -Pop up unobtrusively at the perfect time
    -Have the Google icon for authority & authenticity
    -Include a Click to Call to get your phone ringing

And you can start live streaming your Google Reviews to every page of your website in the next 24 hours.


It takes 3 simple steps...

Step 1- Choose your monthly or yearly option below...

Step 2- Provide us with your unique Google My Business Listing...

Step 3- We'll email over 1 simple line of code that you (or whoever manages your website) adds to your website... 

And your 5 star reviews will begin live streaming directly onto every page of your website in the next 24 hours.

Turn just one website visitor into a new customer just once a month... and this simple software pays for itself...

And then some.



One Other Thing To Consider

Check with your tax guys... But our tax guy mentioned that the cost to implement this on your website could be a tax deductible business expense...

Which basically means you will be able to write off the entire cost of the program at the end of the year...

So you are essentially able to live stream your 5 star Google Reviews to your website at NO cost to you.


Fast Action Bonuses

For everyone that takes action today, we are also going to include these "fast action" bonuses

That will help you take FULL advantage of the marketing potential for your Google My Business listing.


Fast Action Bonuses Include...

1- How to Optimize Your GMB Profile- This is a simple step by step walk through that shows you exactly how to optimize your Google My Business profile in about 10 minutes.

Use the simple steps in this short report to make sure that your GMB listing is showing up for the local customers you are targeting.

2- GMB Reviews In Depth- This short report details everything you need to know about Google Reviews.

Inside you'll discover...

How to get more Google Reviews today
How to read & reply to your Google Reviews
How to overcome 1 or 2 star reviews
The three critical things you need to focus on when it comes to Google Reviews

Go thru this short report & you'll be a Google Review expert; and able to to tap into the power of your Google Reviews for more leads & customers.

3- GMB Posts & How to Use Them to Increase Calls- This is a short report that reveals some hidden tips & tricks about GMB Posts & how you can use them to increase the number of visitors & calls for your business.

A lot of business owners have no idea they can use this FREE GMB tool that Google provides that will push your GMB listing in front of the very customers looking for your products & services.

4- Local Citations & Your Google My Business Profile- One other hidden secret that you can use to bump your GMB Listing above your competitors is by using local citations.

However, most businesses have no idea what these are, or how to use them. So we walk you thru this hidden technique to get your GMB listing ranking higher than your competitors in the local search results.

These Google My Business tips & tricks are proven to work in the real world to start picking up more leads & customers.

Yours FREE... If you take fast action today.


Get Started Live Streaming Your Google Reviews Today

Anyone can start live streaming their 5 Star Google Reviews directly to their website in the next 24 hours...

And if you are able to write off this business expense at the end of the year...

Which means you can start live streaming your Google Reviews essentially cost-free...

Why not test it out for yourself?

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No. Live streaming your Google Reviews has NO other added costs whatosever. You can use the program for as long as you like at the monthly or yearly cost listed.

Actually, it literally takes about 2 minutes. We will email over 1 single line of code for your website. Either you, or whoever manages your website for you, can add this one line of code to your website in about 30 seconds. If you can copy & paste... You can do this.

In the unlikely event that you are NOT turning more website visitors into leads & customers, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply shoot us an email, and we'll process your cancellation; and you will not be billed another cent.

Simply shoot us a quick email and we'll be happy to answer them for you within 24 hours. Click here to contact us.


PS- If simply live streaming your Google Reviews to your website can turn almost 3 times as many website visitors into customers... Why are you NOT live streaming your Google Reviews on your website?

Especially if you can live stream your Google Reviews in the next 24 hours and write off the entire expense at the end of the year...

Why not get started today.