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How Are Other Local Businesses Using Incentives to Drive Up Sales?

Used Car Sales- One of our clients started using incentives to get more people looking at his cars.

He offered a $100 restaurant card to everyone that stopped by for a test drive (and he advertised this in his CraigsList car ads)... And everyone that purchased one of his vehicles got a 3 night complimentary vacation to Vegas.

He also does daily posts on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest for free advertising and more test drive leads.

Dentists- One of our dentist clients started getting more teeth whitening clients using incentives.

He actually raised his price on his teeth whitening offer and offered a $200 restaurant card to all new customers (instead of discounting his teeth whitening offer to get more customers like he had been).

He not only picked up more patients for his teeth whitening offer; but saw a revenue bump as well since he didn't have to discount his offer just to get new patients.

In addition, any new customers that needed additional work were offered a 3 night vacation to their choice of Las Vegas, Miami, or New Orleans if they booked their appointment before leaving the office.

Pawn Shops- One of our pawn shop clients started using incentives in his Facebook posts three times a week as well.

He offered a $100 restaurant card to anyone that brought in an item to pawn...

And rewarded anyone with a purchase of over $300 in his shop with a complimentary 7 day Cancun vacation.

His foot traffic with new customers bringing in items to pawn rose significantly... Just because of the restaurant card offer.


As you can see...

It doesn't matter WHAT products or services you sell.

You can use incentives to boost sales & get new customers turning into repeat customers.

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