Free Vacation Incentives- How They Work

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A lot of people have questions about the free vacations offered inside of Marketing Boost…

They seem to think they are simply too good to be true.

That is not the case.

Here’s a breakdown on how the Marketing Boost vacation incentives work…

Marketing Boost Vacations

First, you need to realize…

You are basically giving away the vacation hotel rooms for FREE with your incentive voucher.

Not the entire vacation.

Your customers have to pay for their own airfare, buy their own drinks, pay for their own meals, etc…

But that is STILL a killer incentive.

Your customer will receive the luxury hotel accommodation room rate free of charge…

Rather than having to pay for their hotel rooms themselves; which can be a heftylas vegas vacation expense.

For example, a single night at Mandalay Bay in Vegas is between $216 & $599.

At the Luxor, it is $147 to $499.

If you clients want to go to Vegas… And you give them the Vegas incentive…

You are saving them the cost of their room rates right off the top.

Which is like putting $300 to $800 right in their pocket.

Most of my customers are thrilled to be saving this expense; as hotel room rates are one of the most costly of all the vacation expenses.

And it could be the difference in them being able to go on the vacation in the first place.

NO Hoops to Jump Thru

Also, one other thing that needs to be cleared up on these vacation incentives…

There are NO timeshare presentations required to use this vacation incentive.

Nor are there any other hoops your customers will need to jump thru to redeem their incentive.

Your customers simply activate their vacation certificate online by prepaying the hotel taxes and fees associated with the destination.

That’s it.

After activation, your customer logins online and searches for their preferred participating resort/hotel and preferred travel dates.

Taxes & Fees Paid By The Customer?

Yes… every visitor is charged taxes whenever they book a room at ANY vacation spot…

Regardless of where they go.

Remember, you are giving your customers their room for 3 or 7 nights absolutely free…

Which is saving them $300 to $800 over a 3 night stay.

But your customers are responsible for paying the taxes and/or any resort fees; which they would have to pay anyways in addition to the per night room cost.

Resort fees are commonplace in hotels around the world; however, they are not always applicable.

For example, in Orlando, resort fees run from $5 to $13 per night.

In Las Vegas, resort fees run from $16 to $38 per night paid directly to the resort.

Your customer activates their vacation certificate by simply paying for the taxes & resort fees (if any).

They must activate this incentive within 7 days of receiving their incentive.

Travel can then be booked at any time in the following 18 months after activation.

So they have plenty of time to plan their trip at their leisure.

The expiration date on the incentive pertains only to the activation of the vacation incentive…

And not actual travel.


All reservations require a minimum of 30 days advance notice to book.

Reservations are based on availability and will not be available during major holidays or resort special events.

It is recommended to book Sunday – Thursday check-ins for the most availability.

Check-in may be available 7 days a week; however weekends and some peak season dates may have a small additional surcharge.

One other note…

Your customer must reside at least 100 miles (or 160 kilometers) away from the destination resort of choice.

For example, if a customer lives in Denver, they cannot use the 3 night getaway in downtown Denver…

The hotels want to have visitors using their other amenities like their restaurant or spas…

So they want people from out of town rather than people looking to have a 3 night stay downtown in the city they currently reside in.

It is simple for your customers to choose a different resort offer from the available destination options if the destination they choose is less than 100 mile away.

Pretty Straightforward

As you can see, the vacation giveaways are pretty straightforward.

No scams…
No timeshare presentations..

None of that garbage.

Bottom line…

You are giving your customers a valuable incentive to choose your business over your competitors.

And your customers will be delighted to receive their free vacation certificate…

And will think of you (and recommend your business to others) when they use it.

Why not find out more… And get a FREE 7 day trial…

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