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As we all know, the costs of advertising on pay per click like Bing or native ads is getting higher and higher…

Especially in the US, UK and other “tier 1” countries.

So why not expand your reach?

Here’s an idea that most people don’t think about…


Targeting Other Countries With Your Ads

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot target other countries with your pay per click ads.

After all…

  • People in Malaysia are also looking for solutions to lose weight…
  • People in South Africa are actively searching for a simple way to eliminate their back pain…
  • People in the Netherlands are interested in the latest cool tech gadget…

But people never try targeting these countries because

  • They think these people don’t speak English
  • People in these countries don’t make enough money

This is a mistake.

Granted, the average income in India is $1670/yr…

But in South Africa it is around $18k

And a great majority of these countries have English speakers as well.

Here is a list I researched that may open your eyes to a couple of new markets…


Country                                English Speakers                              Yearly Income

India                                      125 million                                         $1670

Philippines                             64 million                                             $9157

Nigeria                                   79 million                                             $10,800

UK                                         59 million                                            $40,508

Germany                               45 million                                            $51,200

Italy                                       17 million                                             $26,588

Thailand                               17 million                                             $10,200

Netherlands                         15 million                                             $48,200

Malaysia                              14 million                                            $29,000                (mainly big cities Kuala Lampur)

South Africa                        16 million                                             $18,000

Poland                                14 million                                             $17,750

Brazil                                  10 million                                             $19,200


Try Your Marketing in Some Different Countries

As you can see, there are English speakers in many different countries…

And the incomes also provide an insight into whether they can afford whatever your product or service actually is.

If nothing else, give some of these alternate geos a test.

You might be pleasantly surprised…


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