A Step By Step Video Series That Reveals…

How Anyone Can Double, Even TRIPLE Their Email Campaign Opens, Clicks, & Sales



Do you have list of subscribers that never even opens your emails? Much less reads them?
Would you copy & paste some hidden email tricks if they actually worked?
Could you follow a simple 5 minute email sales copy process if it worked every time?

What if you could discover a simple way to get your list subscribers actually excited to see an email from you?

Think you might be able to convert a few more subscribers into customers?

Your Email Copy Makes Or Breaks A List

I have been working online since 2007… And in the beginning I was just like you.

I was actively building a list of targeted subscribers in several different niches.

BUT… I never took the time to learn how to craft emails that my subscribers would even open; much less read…

So I never made any real money from ANY of my lists.

At first, I thought it was the niche I was in…

Maybe they just didn’t buy anything!

But when I saw the same thing happening with all of my lists in several different niches, I realized it was not the subscribers…

It was me.

I never took the time to work on my email copy; I would throw up what I thought was a good email, and send it off.

I never tried to work on my headlines, my email message, or my call to action…

Using even the most basic copywriting techniques.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I started taking the time to really break down the different components of every email and focus on them with some basic copywriting techniques.

And it was only then that I started actually seeing real results and real income from all of my lists.

It’s really very simple….If you take the time to learn a few email specific copywriting skills that have been PROVEN to work

Then more often than not, you will start seeing your emails get opened & read… And your subscribers clicking your links to wherever you want them to go.

Introducing the Email Copy That Sells Video Series

I figured that since I was having a hard time generating a dime from any of my lists… This was a problem other people had as well.

So I put together this high quality video course that walks you thru exactly how to craft emails using simple copywriting basics that convert your subscribers into customers

You’ll be amazed by your own results once you uncover a few simple secrets that will make your subscribers actually look forward to your emails.

It’s not hard, once someone shows you how.

You eliminate the guesswork on stuff like…

  • What headlines work best to get your emails opened?
  • How do you keep your emails fresh and interesting?
  • What power words you should include in every email?
  • What works best for more opens & clicks?

So by the end of this video course, you’ll have a complete game plan that will transform a dead email list into one that actually generates the results you want…

Finally… The Secrets To Effective Email Campaigns Are Revealed

When you grab this video course today, you won’t find the typical “101 ways” type of trash that’s been rehashed and recycled to death.

This is a video course put together based on 10 years of email marketing and real world copywriting experience.

You’ll be armed with the tactics and techniques to start crafting high-converting emails that get more clicks, opens & sales on EVERY email you send.

Inside your copy of Email Copy That Sells you’ll discover…

How To Write Sales Copy For Any Email In 5 Minutes Flat

This video alone is worth more than the cost of the entire course. You’ll uncover the secrets of creating emails that convert your subscribers into customers in 5 minutes or less.

Ever been stuck trying to create your emails from scratch? Writer’s block maybe? Never again…

Creating High Converting Call To Actions In Your Emails

After your headline, your Call to Action is the most important part of your email. Get this wrong, and you won’t make a dime. This video walks you thru exactly how to create irresistible CTAs step by step fast & easy.

How to Tell A Story In Your Emails

You know it… Story telling works great to get your subscribers to actually read your emails and get to your CTA. Think about the emails you read… I’ll bet there was a story in most of them. You’ll discover the secrets to using this technique for your own emails…

Balancing Content & Promotional Emails

If all you do is blast out sales & promo emails to your list, your list will start unsubscribing in droves. This video shows you how to walk that delicate line between providing value (content) and  promoting your offers. It’s really easier than you think.

How Often Should You Email

This is another hot topic not a lot of people understand. The frequency of your emails to your list can be the difference in an engaged list versus a list that never opens your emails. You’ll get a concrete game plan on email frequency that has been proven to work in this video.

The Best Time To Send Your Emails

Here is another question we answered through years of trial and error. When is the best time to send your emails to your lists? You’ll see what has been proven to work in this video.

Double or Single Opt In- Which is Best

Here is another question that is asked quite often… And we’ll show you what has worked for us over years of testing. Never again will you be asking that question when setting up your lead capture form.

Plus 2 KILLER Bonuses

300 Power Words & Phrases Swipe File

Print this swipe file off and keep it handy when  you are creating your emails. It’s your handy reference that turns an email from boring to powerful…

And you can mix and match and discover the most effective combination for your email campaigns.

Instant Winning Headlines

This special reports walks you thru a simple way to access 1000s of headlines instantly… All of which have been proven to convert in the real world.

And you can do this absolutely FREE!

Use this tactic whenever you need a powerful, high converting headline for your emails… Or your sales letters and opt in pages as well. After all, they have already been proven to work so…

Finally… A Simple Solution to Doubling, Even Tripling Your Email Opens & Clicks

Imagine this…

Within 10 minutes from now, you implement just a few of the tactics laid out in the  Email Copy That Sells Video Course

You send out an email to your list and immediately start getting more opens, clicks and sales!

It literally works that fast. That’s the power of being able to craft compelling email copy.

Your subscribers will hang on your every word….
And more of your subscribers will click on your links.

And more clicks means more conversions…. It’s that simple.

These are time-tested tactics and techniques that were learned from trial and error over 10 years of email marketing. And they flat out work.

And they are ALL handed to you on a silver platter.

We’ll Even Take ALL the Risk

We’ve been burned buying products online… So we’ll guarantee that this video series & bonus reports will start getting your email campaigns profitable fast & easy.

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Heck… if you just don’t like the sound of our voice in the videos…

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Bottom Line… If You Have An Email List, Then You Need The Email Copy That Sells Video Course

This video series will solve the biggest problem you have when it comes to your email lists.

Which is getting your subscribers to open your emails, actually read them, and take action on your offers.

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