A Dirt Cheap Media Player

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Here’s an idea for a dirt cheap media player that works just as good as the big dogs…

And will save you $200-$300 on buying the latest Ipod Touch.

Why Not Use Your Smart Phone?

I looked around for a simple media player that would store my entire media collection of over 300 CDs as well as pictures, Internet radio stations and other stuff.

I didn’t want to use my smart phone since I work out of the house and I wanted that specifically for calls…

And I didn’t want to plunk down $100+ for a dedicated Ipod or Android device like the Sony Walkman.

Ebay & A Simple Solution

I have an LG smartphone that works wonderfully… And has all the bells and whistles.

It holds up to 32 GB on a micro SD card, has Bluetooth connectivity to my Vizio soundbar and, since it is an Android, I can download apps from the Google Play Store for my favorite Internet radio stations.

Rather than tie up my main phone, I simply went to Ebay and did a search for a similar model LG phone…

Only one with a bad ESN number.

Since I didn’t want (or need) to make calls from this, I didn’t need a working ESN number.

I just needed the Bluetoooth and wireless to work along with the micro SD card reading to play my CDs.

Because of this, I found a great LG smart phone with a bad ESN number for $9.

Outside of the bad ESN, it was in perfect condition; even the screen looked brand new.

I got it, loaded up my music onto my SD card, downloaded my favorite radio station apps since the wireless worked flawlessly, connected to the soundbar via Bluetooth and…

Presto. A perfect media player with all the bells, whistles & functionality that you get from these other dedicated media players…

For under $10.

Just An Idea

If you want to spend the money on a dedicated iPod Touch or other media player… More power to you.

But when talking about this with my brother, he had one of those “light bulb” moments…

And commented that this idea was something he never thought of.

Since it saved him some extra money with no loss of functionality…

I thought it might help others looking for a dirt cheap media player for their own use.

If you are, head over to Ebay…

You’ll find a great “media player” dirt cheap.





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