Dirt Cheap Hosting

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Once you have a domain name, you have to have some hosting…

Or a place to get your website live.

Here’s a simple solution for dirt cheap hosting with all the bells & whistles you would need for your new site.

All hosting companies work pretty much the same.

They all offer one click WordPress install, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited space.

So why not get your hosting as cheap as possible when first starting out?

Go to your friend Google and search for “cheap hosting” or “dollar hosting” companies.

Most of these cheap hosting companies limit the amount of websites or domains you can have in their basic $1 account…

But who cares.

Remember our previous post?

Where you can set up multiple sites using just one domain?

You can do that with these cheap hosting companies.


Good Enough to Get Started

As you are just starting out and trying to learn the whole domain name to hosting to live website thing…

Any $1 hosting company will work just fine.

And you can always upgrade to a bigger or better hosting company later if you choose to.

Bottom line… You have to host your new website somewhere.

So why not keep your expenses as low as possible when you are just starting out?

One of the better $1 hosting companies we have used in the past is called “HoboHost

And they worked fine.

However, once we started building out sites, they limited the number of new domain names we could add in our $1 account to just 10.

So we had to switch to a different hosting company that allowed us unlimited domains for like $6 a month.

But as you are just starting out, and want to keep your expenses low, HoboHost is perfect and have everything you need to figure out this whole website thing.

So give them a look for yourself.


PS- No affiliate link or anything; just a hosting company that we know works for beginners since we have used them.

Dirt Cheap Hosting- One Other Idea

When our business started to grow, we needed to upgrade our hosting.

We wanted a hosting company that had…

  • -Unlimited domains
  • -Unlimited bandwidth
  • -Unlimited disc space

We looked around and found Hostwinds that offered all of this for less than $7/mo


As you start growing, it may be an option for you down the line…

But to get started, why not begin with a $1 hosting company?

Give HoboHost a try, or find any other cheap hosting company using Google.

Bottom line… You gotta have hosting to set up your new professional website; so try and keep your expenses low.

Once you have your hosting, you can go onto the next step…

Which is actually setting up your new site

Mastering WP In About An Hour


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