Custom Small Business Marketing Videos

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Quit Throwing Away Your Money On High Priced SEO “Experts” That Don’t Show Results…

And Start Finally Getting In Front of Your Local Customers Looking For Your Exact Products & Services!

Are you tired of throwing away money on SEO efforts that simply don’t work?

Are you frustrated because your website is nowhere to be found in the local search results?

Do you want a simple way to get in front of your local customers looking for your exact products & services?

Without having to lift a finger? Or touching a single thing on your website?

Then you need to think about using video!

After all, it has been proven that…

  • Video is instant; your video can be online and running in as little as 48 hours
  • Videos are easier to rank (and rank faster) than static web pages; sometimes as quickly as just days… even hours
  • Videos result in 24% more local sales and 55% more local business calls

And a custom video targeting your chosen keyword with your special offer or discount is your shortcut to Google’s page one for your local area.


Custom SEO Videos for Your Website…For A Ridiculous Discount

We produce SEO videos highlighting your special offers or deals…

And we then get them ranking in Google for your chosen keyword.

Best of all, you can get a custom video for your business at a ridiculous discount…

If you take action today!

We are specialists when it comes to local marketing videos…

And we can create your custom marketing video today…

We’ll work with you to create your custom script

We will create your custom video using your images & logo (if you choose)

Your video will be search engine optimized with a custom title, description and tags

We’ll show you how to upload it to YouTube

All within the next 48 hours.


Why Video Works for More Local Customers

Video works because more and more of your local customers are watching video…

Instead of clicking on the same old boring text links in the search results.

It has been proven that a search listing with a video “thumbnail” gets clicked on 4 times more than a regular text listing.

And once your video gets “the click”, it is easy to convert your visitors into leads or customers since…

Video has been proven to drive 55% more local business calls and 24% more local business sales!

The key is creating a short, 60-90 second video that hits your customer with your special offer or deal right in the face…

And also gives them some useful content like some tips on solving a problem, or your special deal they cannot get anywhere else.

Kind of like the video we recently completed for one of our current clients below…

A Successful Local Marketing Video Example


Start Getting In Front Of Your Customers In the Next 48 Hours

If you want to start getting in front of your local customers…

And see real SEO results from a unique SEO tactic that actually works…

Then you need to order your custom SEO video today!

  • We are experts at custom video creation
  • We have a 24-48 hour turnaround time
  • We will work with you until your video is precisely how you’d like it
  • We do all the heavy SEO lifting in the background

Best of all, you can take advantage of our “less than half price” special offer right now.

We reward people that can take action… which is why you’ll only see this special discount once.

So take advantage of it today!!

Simply click on the green “Get This Deal” button and you can order your custom SEO video right now.

After all, the clock is ticking…

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PS… Want to tempt fate and wait and see what happens when the countdown timer expires?

Feel free… But you’ll wind up paying full price…

Instead of getting a custom SEO video for your website for a ridiculous discount.

Hit the “Get this Deal” button above and order yours while our discount is still available…