Creating A Local Deal Page

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If you’re a local business, you have probably heard all about these local deal/discount offers.

And maybe you even looked into using Groupon or these other deal sites.

And while local deal pages work great for converting local visitors into new local customers…

Not every local deal offer is a good deal for the business running it.

Too often, the business running the deal loses money on these offers.

Mainly because of the insane charges that the business owner has to pay out to these major special deal providers.

For example, when trying to use some of these major deal sites, the business owner has to…

-Substantially reduce his/her prices
-Then he/she has to agree to give a huge split to the deal provider…
-Often 30-50 percent of the discounted amount that they make from each sale

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you are a local restaurant trying to do a special deal on a quick burger lunch that you normally sell for $10.

To run your deal, the restaurant is forced to offering this deal at $5; because the deal site tells the business owner what their discount needs to be…

Out of that discounted price of $5, a full 50% goes to the deal provider; just so the business can put their offer on the deal site…

Which results in the restaurant picking up a mere $2.50 on a normal $10 lunch.

The restaurant is told that they will see more repeat customers because of their deal

Which will more than make up for their discount offered (and often times offering their deal at a loss).

But what if they don’t?

Which happens… more than most people think.

In some cases, they get bargain hunting customers that descend on their business like locusts, snap up the daily deal, and never return.

So in essence, using one of these deals could very well cause the local merchant to end up losing money on every customer that takes them up on their deal…

And results in few, if any, new repeat customers.

Take Control of Your Daily Deals

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could take advantage of the power of these local deals BUT….

You could offer your own “special deal” and determine your own deal price?

And what if you could keep 100% of the deal profits; without having to split it with anyone else?

There is now a way you can “have your cake and eat it too…”

By creating your very own special deal page that would get in front of your local customers without any conditions whatsoever.

You would have the ability to create and run as many “local deals” as you’d like…

Highlighting a unique special offer or discount whenever you wanted…

And retain total control over all aspects of the deal.

In addition, you have the opportunity to add scarcity to the deal as well…

Whether it was “time limited” or “…available to the next XX customers…”

Local Deal Pages Convert

You know they do, or you probably would have never heard about them…

And with this simple software, you now have a way to create your own local deals with absolute & total control.

Why not get the all the details, and watch a short video that shows how simple it is to create these local deal pages for yourself.

Just click on the link below and check it out right now…

Daily Deal Page