Conversion Optimization & PPC

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We do a lot of pay per click advertising; not only for ourselves, but also for our clients.

And when we say a lot, we mean high volume… In some of the most competitive niches out there (like solar and mortgage refinancing).

And when you are in the pay per click arena, where you are actually getting charged each time someone clicks on your ad…

You learn to split test and optimize your landing pages and ads as quickly as possible.

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Conversion Optimization & Small Tweaks

You might remember where we said before that simple, small tweaks can make a significant difference in conversions?

Nowhere is this more apparent than when using PPC like Adwords and Bing.

Because of the limited space you have to get your marketing message across, your conversions could double by simply changing one word in your headline.

This is what we saw in one of our solar advertising campaigns.

We did a quick split test in the headline and simply changed the last word from “solar” to “solar power” in our headline on all of the ads we had running.

Our Headline Conversion Test

And for some reason, that simple change resulted in an increase in “click thru rate” of an additional 1.5%.

Once again, 1.5% doesn’t sound like anything to write home about… But when you are doing volume on PPC, it is a significant change.

That means we are getting 15 more clicks out of every 1000 impressions; and it is not uncommon to get 10s of 1000s of impressions every day when you are running PPC campaigns.

And since Google Adwords  rewards you with a lower price per click when you are able to increase your CTR (click thru rate)…

Not only are we getting more people to our landing pages by simply making a one word tweak to our ad headlines…

But we are also paying less for every click overall since we have been able to increase the overall CTR of our campaign.

Conversion Optimization Example

So in this case, you can see a concrete example of conversion optimization in action…

And one that actually works since we are not only getting more visitors to our landing pages; but we are also getting them a little cheaper than we were before we tested the headline change.

Why did something as simple as a word change result in such a difference?

We have absolutely no idea.

But if we didn’t test it, we would have never know that it did.

Conversion optimization works not only in pay per click campaigns… But for your landing pages, sales pages, and opt in pages as well.

But only if you actually try.


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