Conversion Ideas- Try These 2 Tips

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You go thru a lot of effort to get visitors to your site. But what happens when they arrive?

Make sure you are taking visitors exactly where you want them to go on your site.

When a visitor lands on your site, what do you want them to do? Whatever that is, make sure that you take them to the right place.

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Conversion Is A Little Different Than Even Last Year

The habits of consumers and businesses looking for products, services or opportunities have changed radically.

Research is done online, through search engines or social networks.

Our buying decisions are largely based on what we find online on company websites.

Consumers and buyers have access to more and more websites that offer comparable products and services.

What’s more, they can close a deal or do business with companies that are not necessarily local or even in the same country.

Geographical borders have disappeared.

Right now, the customer is king and businesses have to adapt to that fact… fast!

An ‘‘attractive’’ website is no longer enough. Now, the website must be able to respond to customers and prospects.

Two Surprising Conversion Facts

We are living in a changing and ‘‘connected’’ world and we want instant response.

Customers ready to buy right now will go to a competitor if the site they’re on can’t answer their questions.

Static sites with no possibility for interaction get abandoned.

Fact Number 1 : 75% of marketing managers online agree that converting visitors to paying customers is a bigger challenge than attracting them to their sites.

Most companies have several forms on their sites. These have different uses and functions:

• Order form

• Online reservation

• Estimate, price of product or service

• Availability request

Fact Number 2: Between 97% and 98.5% of visitors who land on a page with a form to fill out abandon the process.

The goal here is to make sure that your visitors actually LAND on the right page with your site’s form; and ensure that your site’s abandon rate for transactions/purchases and filling out forms is as low as it can go.

There are different possible solutions to address this dilemma and all of them revolve around this answer…

Add a human touch.

Remember people would want answers IMMEDIATELY.

By adding that “human touch” factor, you are likely to keep them on your site and convert them into paying customers!

The best way to add human touch is by adding interaction tools.

Studies have shown that 90% of online visitors want human interaction.

Integrating interaction tools like a “free-to-call” feature and a web-based chat application are effective means to keep your visitors in your site.


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