Conversion Idea- Above the Fold

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Here’s another idea that is a simple tweak that has been proven to increase your conversions.

Insure that your most important information on any page or post of your site is “above the fold”.

In other words, make sure all the important information is visible when a visitor first arrives at the home page.

A good number of people will NOT scroll down to find the important information.

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What does “above the fold” mean?

When broadsheet newspapers are laid out for sale, they’re folded in half; and only the top half can be seen.

The information that’s on the top half of the entire newspaper first page is said to be “above the fold”; since that is what people can see without opening the newspaper up.

Newspapers are designed to have their major headlines and photos in this top half of the page, so that people are drawn to them and pick up the paper.

The newspaper’s branding also appears prominently in this top half, so that people can recognize it immediately.

Above the Fold On Your Website

In web design or layout, the term “above the fold” is used to refer to the first screenful of content.

It’s what people can see without having to scroll down the page; so it is their first impression of your website.

It’s essential that your website’s identity or branding, and its navigation, appear above the fold.

By having multiple columns of text, you can also start several different stories above the fold and invite people to click to read more or scroll down the page to finish reading.

Of course, the fold doesn’t appear at the same place for everyone.

It varies depending on the screen resolution, browser used, and the number of browser toolbars in use.

If you’re assuming a minimum screen height of 768 pixels, a good place to think of the fold is being 575-590 pixels down the page.

But remember that this is the minimum and that people will see lots of different sized screens.

Organize and formulate a layout for the information you’d like to include.

Elements to include “above the fold” can be…

  • Company name and logo
  • Contact Info
  • Tagline (a memorable one sentence summary)
  • Main and sub-navigation
  • Video player (if youʼre producing a web series)
  • RSS and email subscription options
  • Social media buttons/icons
  • On-site search box

Above the Fold Content Improves Conversions

Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a first impression.

Think about those newspapers you have seen; and what they include above the fold.

And get your most important stuff above the fold as well…


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