Bing Pay Per Click Ads

Here are a couple of ideas you might want to consider if you are thinking about using Bing versus Google for your ad campaigns.

Granted, Google may get over 60% of the search engine traffic…

But Bing is not that far behind. Combined with Yahoo, Bing reaches 33% of ALL search traffic in the US…

And since those Bing users rarely, if ever, use Google…

Can you afford to NOT get in front of 1 out of every 3 searchers in the US.

Bing Demographics- Some Things to Consider

Here’s a couple of other things to consider about using Bing.

Most people don’t realize that Google search is actually broken down to 55% desktop and 37% mobile users.

While on Bing the breakdown is 77% desktop and 14% mobile users

Considering the fact that people do research on their mobile phones…
And then go to their desktop actually buy stuff…

I find that targeting desktop users is a lot more effective than targeting mobile users.

So if you are trying to target desktop users, you may want to consider using Bing.

Bing Country Share

Here’s another interesting statistic that I found while researching the percentage of Bing versus Google users by country.

If you’re trying to target English-speaking countries internationally, then you might want to use Bing for the following countries….

Since these countries have a significant English speaking population…

And the Bing search percentage is high enough to get some good traffic…

  • Taiwan  24%
  • Hong Kong  19%
  • Norway and Sweden   17%
  • Canada  17%
  • Australia  12%
  • Singapore and Malaysia    8%
  • India   7%

As you can see, there are quite a few English speakers in these countries internationally that not a lot of other people are targeting.

And they are using Bing to search the Internet rather than Google (1 out of every 4 in Taiwan for example).

Which means that, using Bing for these international markets, you can really get some great targeted traffic for a dirt cheap price.

Bing For Pay Per Click Marketing

Hopefully you got a few ideas on why you should consider using Bing for your pay per click marketing.

Especially overseas… where there are a lot of native English speakers looking for your exact products and services… That you are overlooking.

It’s a simple way to get some dirt cheap traffic…
That is highly targeted…
That actually converts.

Give it a try for yourself.



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