Adding Code or Script to Website

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One of my small business partners had a question…

“How do I add code or a script to my website…” she asked.

Adding code to your website is not very difficult; but it depends on how your website is set up.


Adding Code to WordPress

Adding a script or code snippet to a WP site is easy as pie.

Especially if you use a plugin that allows you to do this effortlessly.

The best plugin I have found (and use) is called

Header Footer Code Manager

And it is available below…

Download HFCM

By using this plugin, it is very easy to add code to your entire website (all pages & posts)…

Or just individual posts or pages if you choose to.


Adding Code to HTML

Adding code to an HTML website is pretty easy as well.

It just depends on whether you want to add the code or script to your website page head or body.

For example, some scripts require the code to be added to the head section of your web page to work properly…

While other scripts require you to add it right before the closing body tag.

Each individual script or code snippet should tell you whether it needs to be added to the head or body so you are not confused.

To make this easy for anyone that wants to know how to add code to their website, I put together this simple video below.

(Hit the expand button in the bottom right of the video player to see it more clearly)




Adding Code or A Script

As you can see, it is not that difficult to add code or a script to your website.

Try it out for yourself and you’ll see it is pretty easy to do.