A Hidden Resource for Website Owners

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Here’s an idea that not a lot of local business owners even think about.

And we understand… After all, you’re running your business.


Why not think about this on weekends or days off…

Since it can literally generate new leads and customers to your business.


Take Some Dirt Cheap Online Classes for…?

If you don’t know, Udemy is one of the largest online classrooms on the Internet.

And the amount of courses inside Udemy is simply mind boggling.

But that’s not what is important…

What is?

Finding those one or two courses inside of Udemy that will actually increase your business bottom line.

What do we mean?

Here is a perfect example.


Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing Masterclass 2021

If you are not using social media to generate new leads and customers…

Then you are NOT taking advantage of a MASSIVE pool of potential customers that are looking for your exact products & services.

Your customers are on social media…

Heck, you are probably on social media…

So you can discover some simple ways to start getting your business, your special deals & offers, and your expertise in front of these local customers using social media.

This class above is a perfect example.

And at the time of this writing, it is available on a special time limited offer of $11.99

Wouldn’t it be worth $12 to discover some hidden techniques to start getting your business in front of more customers on social media?

Just one new customer alone would cover the cost of the course…


Some Tricks With Udemy

By the time you read this post, this exact class may be off the special time limited offer; and be offered at regular price (which I believe is $94.99).

BUT… Udemy has these time limited time offers pretty much every single week…

Where the full price course is discounted to $9.99 or $11.99 or $12.99 (“… for the next XX days….)

So save the class to your bookmarks, and sign up for a FREE account with Udemy (if you have not already).

Because then you’ll get emails notifying you whenever they have a sale.

Once you get that email “sale” notification, go back to the course you bookmarked, click on it, and grab the course for whatever the discount is.

Also, once you get a course in Udemy, you have lifetime access to it.

So you can simply login, go back to your course anytime you want, and review certain videos, or refresh your memory or…

And there is no time limit on any of your courses either.

So you can do your course in bite size chunks.

Go thru 2 videos one night… Continue with 3 more the next night… Go thru 2 more over lunch… etc


Use this Resource for Your Business

Udemy is a great resource that many business owners never consider.

Which is a mistake; since you can pick up some great ideas along with step by step walk thrus on how to build more leads and customers for your business.

If you are not using this resource for your business…

I’d highly recommend that you start.


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